Custom Knife Handle Making

The Custom Knives: Many of the custom made knives shown here are for sale, while others are knives already sold. I accept custom orders and can put a handle on any blade you want. Contact me to purchase or discuss custom knife handle orders.  Custom Knife Handles contact form.

The handles of my knives are made from birch or elm burl that I collected in the Russian Far East.  Russians in the area where I work (Primorski Krai, on the coast of the Sea of Japan, Russian Far East) traditionally make knives from birch or elm burls because of the wood’s exceptional beauty and because wood is warmer on the hands than many other materials.

The handles of my hidden tang knives and the leather cases are based on traditional Russian and Udege (a native people of the Russian Far east) designs. Udege typically use moose or red deer antler in their handles; I use red deer or mammoth ivory (see below).  The wooden cases for the custom knives are based on designs learned from a friend in Terney, Russia.

These custom knife handles are very unique and use mammoth ivory which is legal to collect (not elephant ivory which is illegal to posses).  Feel free to contact me at the Custom Knife Handles contact form

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